Unbelievable Rice Cooker Chocolate Cake


We all love chocolate cake. Chocolate just makes you feel good. Science has even proven that some of the chemicals in chocolate produces a release of natural body chemicals that make you feel good physically, emotionally, and mentally. Most people know what a rice cooker is. A rice cooker is a modern version of a Chinese method of making rice. The modern versions are really programmable pressure cookers that can be used to cook rice and several other dishes. Bet you did not know that you could bake a chocolate cake in a rice cooker.

The idea behind using a rice cooker is to save you some time and make a delicious chocolate cake that has your kids begging you to make another one. This cake is so good that your social circle will put you at the top of their chefs list in a heartbeat. The trick is you really did less work to make a better tasting and lighter cake than you would have baking a cake the old fashioned way.

You do not need any special ingredients or any Chinese mystery to make a really great tasting and good looking chocolate cake in a rice cooker. All you do is melt chocolate, whip cream, add sugar, eggs, and a little cooking oil. You mix the chocolate and whipped cream together and sift in the flour. This makes the batter. The light chocolate looks so good you just have to lick the spoon.

The trick is greasing the inside of the rice cooker with a little vegetable oil so that cake comes out in one piece just like it should. You just pour the batter in the rice cooker and bake. You bake for only 12 minutes.

You can top the cake with sugar or your favorite icing and it is ready. You take about 20 to 25 minutes of baking time out of the regular oven cooking for a chocolate cake.

This short little video shows you an incredibly fast way to make a delicious chocolate cake. The cake looks just as good as one you paid a fortune for a bakery. The hardest thing you have to do is melt the chocolate and whip the cream.

Anybody can use a rice cooker if they ever used a Crock-Pot or a pressure cooker. When in doubt, read the instructions.

If you cook or like good chocolate cake but do not really have all of the time in the world to bake then this little trick is just for you. Once you try the method and taste the result you will just have to share this with your friends and family. It is a great way to make chocolate cake in half the time you would usually take.

You will love this and your family will love the results. Fast cooking that tastes great is what everybody needs. The video has all the details.

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