Two Men Experience The Pain of Child Birth. Their Reactions? PRICELESS!


This comprehensive analysis describes different technological advances in medical technology using the electronic muscle stimulation machine. The human body simulation describes the unique techniques for using a portable electronic unit. The muscle stimulation has advanced using electronic pulses to simulate female birthing labor pains and delivery. This idealism provides less complicated instructions for nursing students and fathers wanting to understand the pain and labor problems connected to birthing one or more children. The two different assessments describe the different corresponding testing procedures and results of the electronic muscle stimulation techniques.

The Human Body Simulation Scenario

This analysis describes using bioelectric muscle stimulation for muscle injuries to enhance the human body’s ability to heal damaged muscles and tendons. The scientific combination of ancient acupuncture therapy with advanced microcomputer technology produced a handheld self-application unit for muscle massage relief. This portable device permits the person to apply electrodes on pressure points surrounding the damaged area. The device sends electronic pulses causing the arm, shoulder, or leg muscle to respond with simple motions. The machine comes equipped with more than eight different settings from light tingling to deep massage for stimulating or soothing the damaged muscle. The low-voltage provides the necessary stimulate for these damaged areas, including the brain. The soft tingling volts help stimulate the brain after a head injury, thus helping stimulate other muscle groups. The microchips within this device programmed with the technology for combining the multiple bioelectric pulses for a thoroughly relaxing deep massage. This new technology takes a turn at the birthing simulation using the same technology to teach nursing students and fathers the complex and complicated procedures of childbirth.

The Electronic Birthing Simulator Scenario

The new electric birthing simulator helps nursing or home health professionals, and fathers understand the rigors or complications of childbirth. The simulator creates very real and compelling birthing simulations from simple to complicated birthing procedures. The father agrees to take his wife’s role and straps the unit’s electrodes to his stomach, lower back and pelvic area pressure points. The usage of the human body’s pressure points sharpens the painful sensations formed from the contractions caused by the electronic pulses. This role-playing scenario begins as the first contractions start. The father begins his journey traveling in his wife’s footsteps walking around the room rubbing his sore lower back. The electrodes placed on the lower back puts pressure on the lumbar to simulate baby movements. The Lamaze procedures forgotten in the pain received from the electrodes predicting the forced labor contractions. The unit pulses increases the contractions until the father after two hours can no longer stand the pain and pressure of the electrodes. The father stops the birthing simulator with the understanding his wife was in labor for more than eight hours. He agreed the electronic birthing simulator would help other men to understand the complications and pain of giving childbirth.

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