Truck Driver Saw A Dumpster Fire, What He Pulled Out…Shocking


He was driving a route along a Minnesota road one evening when he spotted a dumpster with flames shooting out of it. He doesn’t know what compelled him to stop his truck, but within seconds he knew, stopping was the right thing to do. He heard the yelping of a frightened puppy coming from inside the fiery dumpster!


Without any thought of danger the driver jumped inside and grabbed the panic stricken pup. Ignoring the pain of his own burning hands, he managed to get the dog out of the fire and to extinguish the flames.


The little dog was a sad sight with much of her fur burned away. The veterinarians at the animal rescue clinic were very concerned. They would have to remove the puppy’s burned fur in order to determine the extent of the damage to the puppy’s skin.


They were not sure what they were dealing with, but one thing they were sure of; this was no accident. The puppy which they named Phoenix had been soaked in fuel before he was set aflame.


The trucker was in the right place at the right time. The veterinarians were highly trained and more than willing to give Phoenix every shot at recovery. The efforts of these caring people are what saved his life.


According to the ASPCA, an animal is abused every 10 seconds in the United States. Some animals are abused and neglected simply because their uncaring owners do not have the knowledge to care for them properly. They may leave them outside without adequate shelter, food and water. They may ignore injury or sickness until the animal suffers and dies. They simply are ignorant and have no business owning a defenseless animal.


However, some abuse cases go much deeper. This is the animal owner that beats, starves or kicks animals. This is the owner who put one animal against another in fights. This is a special kind of low and that person should be prosecuted.


As long as there are animal abusers, there must be people like this driver who put his own concerns and rescued the animal from danger.


We must demand that our legal system protect these animals but until then, good people must be quick to step in for the puppies like Phoenix, who have no one!


But for now, he’s the inspiration down at the shelter, and foster families and internet readers alike are gawking at his story, his determination, and his adorable good looks. 

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[h/t Pets Fans]

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