Tonic Water And Potatoes Make THIS Cool Glow-In-The-Dark Craft – SEE How!


When you say the word “potatoes” to the average person, their mind is going to head into a number of directions, most of which are going to involve in some way, shape or form. Whether it’s potato skins, French fries, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole or any of the major potato based dishes, most people do no associate potatoes with the words “glow in the dark”.
The science project depicted in this video gives viewers a whole new way to use potatoes and guarantees that they will never look at a spud the way again. This YouTube user has uncovered uncharted territory and found a different spin to put on a household staple. Did you know that potatoes have super powers? If not, the maker of this video is more than happy to enlighten you.

What most people do not realize that all they need to create a cool glow in the dark is some russet potatoes and tonic water. Viewers watch as the clip’s creator cuts up the russet potatoes into tiny little pieces and then proceeds to submerge them in very hot water. Once he’s poured enough hot water over the russet potato pieces, he moves on to the next step.

As the potatoes react to the hot water, the coloration changes and the water turns red. Our helpful guide assures that this is a completely normal reaction and that there is nothing to worry about. The water is then strained from the russet potatoes, at which point we see that a white layer has formed on the bowl’s bottom.

While the substance that has collected may look strange, it simply needs to be filtered with additional water to achieve the desired effects. The video shows us how, as the man filters the white layer with extra water by using a Mason jar. What is left behind is clean, white and resembles magic.

Even though it looks like magic, this white concoction is much more sticky than the viewer might expect. Now it is time for the finishing touches to this very unconventional science project, the moment when tonic water is added to the mix. The reason why this mixture glows in the dark? The answer is simple: tonic water contains quinine.

This magic mud receives the supernatural glow that you see in the video thanks to this little known substance. If you wish to create your own glow in the dark project, then be sure to take time out to watch this helpful tutorial. Not only will children lose their minds over this clever trick, but adults are sure to flip their wig, as well. Don’t be shy about sharing this video with as many of your social media followers as possible!

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