To All The Haters Who Ever Made Fun Of People With Down Syndrome, They’ve Got A Message For You!


World Down’s Syndrome Day is a great opportunity for people who are stricken with the disorder to celebrate their own unique greatness and give their haters something to talk about. Students at this school in Frankfurt, Kentucky decided that it was time for them to put together a video of their own, one that would make even the grouchiest person crack a smile.
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Set to Taylor Swift’s smash hit “Shake It Off”, this video allows these special children to display their happiness and show off a few of their dance moves. The beat is catchy, their moves are pure and it is nearly impossible not to get up and dance along with them. Videos like these are able to display the true power of social media.

Watching all of these children refuse to succumb to society’s portrayals of them truly warms the heart. If there was ever a perfect song for these children to use to express themselves, it would be “Shake It Off”. Taylor has created an anthem for everyone who has ever felt like they needed to shake off criticism and tell the haters to leave them the heck alone.

These kids are showing those who have spoken ill of them that they are no different from anyone else. They enjoy the same aspects of life as anyone else does and do not ask for special treatment. They are not taking themselves too seriously and all they ask for is your respect, not your judgement.

The pure, unbridled joy that is emanating from these children is infectious and shows us that no matter what is going on in our lives, there is always a great reason to smile. Some of us have never experienced a setback that is anything close to what these children have experienced. Yet we allow ourselves to go through life sulking and pouting.

Down’s Syndrome inspires a lot of confusion in observers, who often expect children with the syndrome to be much less vibrant and youthful than they truly are. The kids in this video have decided to strike back against this incorrect observation and show the world just how special they truly are. Anyone who has ever made a snark filled comment about children with Down’s Syndrome is sure to have second thoughts after viewing this video.

Whether you are laughing by the end of the video at the children’s palpable enthusiasm and enjoyment or wiping away tears because of their amazing resilience, this video is bound to stir up feelings inside of you that may have been laying dormant. The children in this video should serve as a beacon to us all, a constant reminder that even the hardest times in life can be shrugged off with a dance and a smile.

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