Tiny Puppy Sneezes So Hard He Falls Over! Must Watch!


This adorable video is a must see for animal lovers. Watch this ridiculously cute little puppy trying to walk as he endures a sneezing fit. Make sure to share with your animal-loving friends and family!


Too Cute for Words

A Kleenex may help this adorable puppy, but then again, it would probably be larger than his entire puppy. His owners and their friends can’t stop laughing – and neither can we. The puppy is like one of those that you see poking out of a teacup on a greeting card. He’s no bigger than an average size persons’ hand and the way he wobbles around is just way too cute.

Puppy Sneezes

When we sneeze, it barely phases us – and it’s safe to say that most of us can keep our balance when a serious case of the sniffles hits us. I wish we could say the same for this adorable little puppy – but if he could keep his balance, we wouldn’t be watching this video that put a huge smile on our face! He’s close to newborn and it’s a struggle for him to walk anyways – add sneezing into the mix and this puppy has a hard time staying up on his four little legs.

That’s OK, He’s so Cute It Doesn’t Matter

But since it’s obvious that he’s okay and just has a little case of the sniffles, we’re overjoyed watching this video. We may even be guilty of playing it a few times just because it’s soooooo cute, how can we not?

It Doesn’t Get Cuter Than This. Does It?

We do have to admit; it would be pretty hard to rival the cuteness that’s abundant in this video. The only thing that would make this any cuter is that the puppy was in a teacup, then gets out and wanders around sneezing. Okay, forget the teacup – but seriously, I challenge you to find a more adorable of a puppy with the sniffles.

How Much do you Love This Video?

If you can’t find something as cute as this right now…don’t worry, we can’t at the moment either. So enjoy, repeat and let your friends in on the adorableness as well. Like this video and share with all of your friends, after all, doesn’t everyone deserve a cute animal video to brighten their day? Ahhh-choo! Bless you, Puppy!

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