This Tiny Pet Fox Is Literally Always Smiling And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever


These days, it seems like people are in constant competition to see who can get the most unique pet. The types of pets that are kept in the home are no longer limited to the usual cats and dogs, which leads to some interesting stories. While the sugar glider was the pet of the moment, fennec foxes seem to have overtaken them.


However, the woman in this story has decided to obtain a regular fox as a pet and the partnership has been a success so far. She named her fox Juniper and while no one seems to know how she got the fox or where it came from, the photos that she has taken of her unusual pet have definitely taken the Internet by storm.

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Juniper has gone viral and no one can get enough of her amazing pictures. Like many photos that go viral these days, the Juniper phenomenon began on Instagram. Seeing this cute little fox in bed frolicking was just too much adorableness for people to handle and they shared the pictures with everyone they knew, making tiny Juniper an Internet sensation in the process.


Now, people want to know more about how this woman manages to care for a little fox and keep Juniper happy. Juniper’s mother adopted her from a young age and has enjoyed her grow up. Thanks to the help of this loving mother, Juniper has developed into a feisty young lady who also loves to play.

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But Juniper’s mother is also quick to warn people that fox ownership is not all fun and games. There are many drawbacks that come with keeping a fox as a pet, including their foul odor, their propensity for excessive biting and their specific dietary restrictions. Owners who try to feed their fox items outside of their norm can end up killing their pet, blinding them or forcing them to have seizures.


Juniper’s experiences have been positive, though. She is often compared to an orange, fluffy dog and she loves rides in the car, playing outdoors and having a good time. This amazing story goes to show that almost any animal can become a valuable pet if their owner is willing to put the necessary time and effort into it.


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