This Tiny Little Kitten Is Grooming Herself And It’s SOO Cute, It’ll Steal Your Heart.


Kittens are very unique animals, in the sense that they learn how to take care of themselves from a very young age. Lots of kittens are left to their own devices, since their mothers are not around to provide them with lessons in proper grooming. But this does not stop kittens from taking the proper initiative to learn how on their own.

Just take the kitten in this video, for instance. While the animal is clearly still in the learning stages of proper self cleaning and cannot do the job as well as a mommy would have, she does not let this phase her in the slightest. Come heck or high water, this kitten is going to make sure that she is fully clean and ready to face the day.

Kittens have to learn how to clean themselves through a process of trial and error. They do not emerge from the womb knowing all of the proper techniques and it takes them some time to learn the correct methods. Judging from this adorable clip, our new friend is definitely off to the right start and it is only a matter of time before she fully manages to get the hang of it.

You’ll be hard pressed not to laugh at this kitten’s cleaning regimen and from the looks of it, she is ready to get it over with as fast as possible. But not so fast, little miss! She gets the front paws over with quickly and heads to her soft pink belly to continue her bath. Seeing this kitten with her hind legs up in the air, like a miniature furry gymnast will have you smiling and laughing for months to come.

She thinks that she is all done, but then she comes to the realization that her hind legs are still going to have to be cleaned. When she finally figures out that she is not finished, viewers will certainly relate to that moment in their own lives.

This video offers an interesting glimpse into this little kitten’s cleaning skills:

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The process is much more difficult than what our tiny friend has bargained for, but she is nothing if not persistent. She does her absolute best, refusing to give up until she feels fully clean. This cute video needs to be shared with the kitten lovers in your social circle, so pass it along to your friends, family and social media buddies.


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