Tiny Elephant No One Thought Would Survive Happily Rests In His Little Bed


These two women rescue the elephant despite the fact that the elephant had a very big abscess on her umbilical cord. It is assume that the mother die at childbirth. The two women rescue the elephant and did not talk about it or mention about it existence for at least 6 months.

Their courageous kindness, skill, determination and tender loving care actually won out. The elephant soon began to recover fully, signs and careful examination shows that the baby orphan elephant that was once on the verge of death will live to adulthood. Calling her little now is a matter of perspective because the baby elephant is on his way to weighing between 200 and 300 pounds. Our little elephant has become some huge now, both in weight and height, and all thanks to our good Samaritans who brought her back to life from the verge of death.


It is very amazing looking at how this one time orphan elephant has adapted to her proxy and adoptive mothers. A good number of people will definitely find it timid to share their bed with an elephant whether big or small, but our baby elephant happens to be so clever that she understands the need for gentleness with her newly adopted family.


The feeling from this story is the same anyone will get when a lost child is been found and rescued. Nothing in the entire world can beat the felling and relieve of victory in saving life. The experience and joy shared from such feeling is clearly visible in the women smiles, just the same as the feeling of snatching a child from the jaw of death.


This photos and story needs to be shared for many reasons. Our little elephants look really happy and cute even though she hasn’t fully recovered from her near death experience. The story is really unique because you want get to see two women raising an elephant all the time.


However, the most important reason why you need to share this photographic essay is because our baby elephant managed to triumph at the face of death and also buy sharing you can help get the needed donation to further raise our dear elephant to adulthood.


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