Timid Dog Who Lived In Hell Most Of His Life Goes On A Special Trip To Heal His Heart


Canine shyness and timidity are common behaviors that can develop in young dogs. There are several factors that can lead to these problems. One major cause of these problems is the lack of proper introduction to different places, people, things and people especially during the socialization period of their prime puppyhood. Some other causes include physical abuse, emotional trauma or lack of adequate social interaction. Fear and shyness are problematic traits that can lead to canine aggression and biting.


Dogs can be helped to mature into self-confident and stable animals by consistently and carefully getting them introduced to other people, new environments and pets outside the home. The most practical way to get this done is by taking the dog on a daily walk on leash.

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It takes time for a dog to return to normalcy if it is physically abused, that is if the opportunity should ever come. Some have to live with their trauma for the rest of their lives which can drastically change their lives and personality forever. Canine abuse can transform a lovely pup to a ferocious beast. Although even the smallest things can make them fearful, they could display unexpected acts of aggression to people and places that a normal dog will naturally enjoy.

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This explanation fits the life of a poor Italian greyhound whose name is Lou. This canine had been physically abused by his former owner to the extent that he became sore afraid of other dogs. Obviously, it seems as if he would never recover from his condition. But as God would have it, Lou met a kind person who was willing to show him love and find him a new home. But the story does not end here.

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Determined to assist the poor dog, his new owner planned a vacation trip that will help to erase the past from Lou’s memory and create new and wonderful memories. On arriving at Hamptons, Lou met with a new friend whose name was Buddha. Buddha was a loving and peaceful bulldog who allowed Lou to take time to get used to him. And before the shortest time, they two were beginning roam around the yard together as good friends to the extent of sunbathing together in the lounge chairs.

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For the first time in a long time, Lou found a friend he could share some fun with and soon he was happy again. He even had the opportunity to stop over for a swim and sand dig at the beach.

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