Tigers Rescued From Dirty Cage Are Ecstatic To Swim For The First Time


Tigers majorly love to go into the water because of the climate in which the find themselves. This also applies to jaguars, lions and ocelots; they all enjoy taking dips in cold water because they live in hot climates. While other big cats like lynx, cougars, snow leopard and bobcats detest the water because of the cold climate they live in. Since water can hinder the ability of a cat’s fur to keep it warm, these animals have little or no interest in getting wet because it’s the only thing that can make them cold.


House cats are not left out from this behavior because they are mostly found in temperate settings. Tigers are fond of submerging themselves in nearby streams and lakes and can in most cases, remain in water for an hour. They do not like to get water into their nostrils and eyes and so, they almost never have their heads under water.


Therefore, to avoid water from getting into their eyes and nostrils, they typically prefer to get into the water backwards (as you see Lily do in the video) while ensuring that their heads are kept above the water. Water serves as the primary cooling device for tigers.


Carli and Lily had never had the chance to be in the wild before. They’ve only been here for just a year when they were brought from New York after been rescued from a “dirty, run-down cage.” On arrival to the Safe Haven Rescue Zoo in Nevada, These anxious and scared big cats were placed in new digs where they tried to learn how to swim.

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