Tiger, Who Grew Up With German Shepherds Thinks He’s A Dog!


Tigers are an amazing beautiful species that are disappearing in large numbers all across the globe. In Slovakia, one wildlife reserve is trying out a new method of keeping up the numbers of these majestic large cats. The Oasis of the Siberian Tiger reserve, in Senec, Slovakia, have been raising tiger cubs with German Shepherd puppies – and the results have been both amazing, and adorable.


The tigers play with the dogs just like they are puppies! Though the play can of course get a little rough at times, no injuries to either species has been reported since the beginning of this beautiful experiment. The dog’s natural loyalty qualities make the dogs natural instincts to ‘protect’ the tigers. The two different animals have developed strong friendships and like a family. Raising them together since they are babies makes the development much stronger, and smoother.


The tigers lick the dogs, to ‘bathe them’, just as they would their own young. Sunny and her mom are the two tigers currently residing at the Oasis of the Siberian Tiger reserve. Sunny has become fast friends with her three German Shepherd pup friends, Blacky, Hugo and Jenny.


Both Sunny, and her mother love to play with the puppies. When they play together, the tigers are very careful not to hurt the dogs, and vice versa. The love is undeniable between the furry friends, and it really shows during playtime!


Inter-species relationships are on the rise, and such an amazing phenomenon, they are not only cute, but they can help to save animal lives! Tigers, few in number as they are these days, are still poached.


Raising tigers in safe, natural but controlled environments with domesticated animals, such as these German Sheperds, is an excellent way to ensure that these animals will stay safe and protected, and that they may grow in number.


Raising tiger cubs with puppies has proven to be an effective experiment in inter-species relationships, as the many, beautiful photos of the animals at the Oasis of the Siberian Tiger reserve in Slovakia prove. Pictures that prove just how incredible nature is, and that these animals are capable of forming beautiful, lasting bonds with not only each other, but animals of an entirely different species. What a beautiful world! Share this video to show everyone how amazing TigerDogs are!


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