Three Newly Blind Cats Healed By The Love Of Two Pit Bulls


When tragedies occur, we tend to find friends in unlikely places. These friends help us to pick up the pieces and move on with our lives. The three cats in this story were able to learn this lesson firsthand.


Their names are Bruce, Helen and Willis. The Faithful Friends Animal Society in Delaware was responsible for their rescue and this trio was definitely in rough shape upon arrival. Helen was brought in separately from Bruce and Willis.

The boys were just ten weeks old, while Helen is seven years of age. But all three of them had one fact in common: their eyes had to be removed and they were all completely blind.


As you might imagine, making an adjustment to living without the gift of sight can be quite difficult. Sherry Stewart sensed this and decided to step in and help.

Since 2012, she has fostered a whopping 80 animals, with the help of Faithful Friends. By all accounts, Sherry was the perfect person to provide these three blind cats with the help they needed.


The cats have adjusted to life in her loft and are getting to know her other two residents: a pair of rescue pitbulls. These two pitbulls are well aware of what it takes to survive, as they were both saved from a situation that involved severe abuse and neglect.


Frankie and Alfie were able to heal, with the help of Sherry. Alfie is now a pet therapy animal and he regularly travels to local hospitals and schools to spend time with children. The two pitbulls love to play and bond with the animals that share their home and are especially smitten by these three blind cats.

They have taken it upon themselves to become big brothers and aid these cats in their sightless journey. Pitbulls are usually considered to be vicious brutes, but these two aim to destroy those stereotypes with their kind and loving nature.


These five animals have all experienced the worst in life and their backgrounds have taught them the importance of sticking together. They are lucky to have found each other and they are able to take comfort in their shared pasts.


For more information on how to adopt Willis and Bruce (who are a bonded pair) or Helen, be sure to contact Faithful Friends for additional information.

Those who wish to adopt a different pet are urged to visit, so that they can get started.

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