This Woman’s Boyfriend Put Her Through A Wall And Came At Her With A Hammer. But Then This Happened…


It is without a doubt many believe that a dog is a woman and man’s best friend. Loyal to the core these furry companions often display heroic qualities when the owner is most vulnerable or in the greatest distress. The hero in this story is a Great Dane, companion to a woman who like too many fell victim to violent physical abuse from a former partner.
In the midst of an argument, the victim relayed to her partner that she had no desire at the time to carry his child; that is when he literally put her through a wall. Our hero, her Great Dane came to her aid, smelled her and laid on top of her, acting as a shield from further abuse.

Enraged the victim’s abuser began his terror on the dog repeatedly attacking as the dog got up to protect the motionless, abused victim through the wall. He was then picked up from the collar, dragged down the street for nearly a block and thrown into the middle of a busy street.

In her own act of heroism in order to save herself the victim ran to her car despite being held at gunpoint. She fled to the nearest police station where she was taken in by officers. She was brought to Rose Brooks, a safe haven for victims of domestic violence.

So, what happened to our four-legged hero?

Despite the absence of dogs at Rose Brooks shelter this special companion was allowed in and welcomed with open arms. The presence of her dog and acceptance of the staff members put our narrator and hundreds of other women and children on the road to recovery.

As she explains, “when you’re not ready to cry they will make you laugh. When you can’t sleep because it’s scarier to be asleep than when you’re awake they will stay up with you and they cared about me when I didn’t think I deserved it.”

Rose Brooks provides a safe place for victims of domestic abuse to recover and heal. These women and children are given tools to create a life that is better for themselves by giving them the confidence through love, friendship and acceptance so many seek out. Rose Brooks not only saved one woman from an untimely fate, but gave her beloved dog a second chance at life with his owner.

The happy ending of this story doesn’t just include our Great Dane as the hero, but offers the title to all at Rose Brooks who seek to escape from the bondage of domestic violence. The heroes live and work at the women’s shelter, they sleep together, eat together and heal together.

The dog in our story shields his owner from abuse, laying down his life to protect another. It is a lesson we should all learn from as we go through our lives together.

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