This Woman Threw Her Dog In The Trash To Follow Her Boyfriend – Shocking!


There is no end to the self-contentedness and egotistical behavior that demands that people are the only creatures worth living in this world and everything else is there for their pleasure and or uses.

When will human beings wake up and realize that THEY, the animals are teaching US how to be kind and caring human beings? We have more to learn from watching how they interact with each other than we can from our own kind.

Here is a story that is so disgusting; it has been broadcast world-wide. And the disgust is equally with the Judicial system that let her off so lightly!
A woman – Nicole Baker of East Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, wanted to join her boyfriend in Texas, so after cleaning out her trailer, she left. Everything was thrown into the trash – including her deliberately starved, dog.


A garbage collector found the dog after he heard sounds coming from the garbage can. What emerged when he investigated was the shocking sight of a dog that was literally skin-and-bone! So weakened from lack of food and water the shocked and heart-broken man gave the dog his lunch.

He called the Animal Control Department and they were able to track down the owner using the micro-chip embedded, in case the dog went missing!

Nicole Baker was arrested and entered a plea as a first-time offender. The public-at-large are not happy about this and feel she should have been given a prison sentence.


As it is, she pleaded guilty to a charge of disorderly conduct and has to perform community service. She also had to pay a fine of $620 in restitution. The mental evaluation was tagged on which really is not going to help anyone.

Her lawyer, Chris Huffman told the press that she had agreed to enter the pre-trial Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program. The district attorney determines who is eligible for this program.

The idea of this program is to prevent first-time offenders from going to trial and subsequently entering the criminal justice system. Once they are rehabilitated and the mental evaluation is complete, they are deemed innocent and therefore will not have a criminal record.


They are supervised while going through the program and should they not re-offend, they will leave without a blemish. At least as far as the law is concerned.

But cases of such blatant cruelty and thoughtlessness as in the case of Nicole Baker will not be expunged from the minds of the public and this will follow her for the rest of her days.

The humane agent, Jan Dillon commented after the hearing, “I think she needed to answer for what she did. At least there is going to be a ‘guilty’ plea on her record!”

Well, now she’ll be spending some time in jail first, as she’s been charged with animal cruelty, the least of what she deserves. Share this post to remind people that animal cruelty will not be accepted.

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