This Woman Is Being Interviewed About Her Newborn Horse. But Wait Until You See Him Up Close!


Death is inevitable in the life of every living creature. When a child is born and he or she subsequently loses his or her parents, he or she becomes an orphan. For a child to be left without his parents at a tender age is sad and challenging. From the hospital, such a baby is taken in by either his family relations or taken to an orphanage. This unfortunate situation is not peculiar to humans only. It happens to animals too.

Boston, a mini-horse, lost his mother after she gave birth to him. She had severe complications and couldn’t survive it. He didn’t have his mum to suckle, cling on to, and shield him. He was stranded from birth. Ever since, he had been in the care of Lucille Grenier, a pet shop owner who lives at Cape Cod. The colt, only two weeks old had already found a new mom.
Lucille takes Boston to work on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. In the video, it can be seen that she wrapped the mini-horse up in a blanket, carried him like a human baby and paraded him around the store. A little dog in the shop on seeing Boston and the way Lucille carried him barked in awe.

At home, Lucille makes out time to play with the colt. As they play, she runs and says to Boston “come on let’s go.” Following her, he trots and gallops. The pair gets along so well that it might be difficult to separate them. A man in the video is seen feeding Boston from a transparent feeding bottle while Boston sits in his small stable. The floor of his stable is covered with fodder. The feeding bottle contains a milk-like liquid which the baby horse sucked to his satisfaction. After feeding he lies on his belly satisfied.

Lucille tells the interviewer that once he can start drinking fully on his own from the bucket he will go back to other horses. He still needed support at two weeks just like human babies, and when he is ready to live an independent life, he will be taken away to stay with other horses. Would Boston be willing to go? He is comfortable staying with Lucille!
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The dark-grey horse is one of the unfortunate animals out there without parents or siblings. These poor creatures could do with human care till they have grown old enough to live and fend for themselves. If Boston were without care, no one would have seen this video to realize how lively and beautiful a horse he is. There is no difference between what Lucille has done for this colt and what anyone could choose to do for abandoned or orphaned animals. They need help and help we must render. Just like orphaned human babies are kept in orphanages, these orphaned animals deserved to be taken to an animal care centre or into our homes as pets.

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