This Woman Barely Spoke Or Smile, But When She Met Daisy, Her Life Changed!


It’s well documented that having a visit with a puppy or dog can be very therapeutic for those who have suffered trauma, are depressed or are ill. Petting and bonding with an animal doesn’t only have health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, it also can bring emotional healing.

This was never as evident as recently when Sergeant Tony Marshall spoke to residents of the Star and Garter Nursing home. Marshall was giving a lecture on scammers who are targeting the elderly. The Sergeant brought a long some furry friends to also pay visit to the residents of the nursing home, a very cute litter of puppies. Daisy is one of those puppies and she had an unexpected but wonderful effect on one of the bed-ridden elderly patients.

Daisy, an 11-week old Shepherd puppy decided Muriel needed a friend so she climbed up on the woman’s bed to have a cuddle. Now Muriel is known in the nursing home as a woman who shows no emotion, she has not even so much and smiled since becoming a resident two months ago. That changed the instant she met Daisy. As soon as this adorable pup appeared at Muriel’s side, she instantly sat up in her bed and began to cuddle and pet Daisy, and she did so with the first smile anyone has seen from Muriel since arriving at the nursing home.


The long-term nurse who cares for Muriel said that Muriel almost never expresses her feelings outwardly so the sudden outburst of smiles and emotion expressed by Muriel is a miracle! The nurse emphasized it is such a beautiful miracle, it is something she will remember until the day she dies.

It is as if Daisy and Muriel were fated to meet that day, providence smiled down on the love shown and expressed by both Daisy and Muriel for each other. Whether it was Daisy or Muriel who fell in love first doesn’t really matter, what matters is they felt a bond and it was one that has made the pair inseparable from each other.


This is just another wonderful example of how powerful the love and affection of a dog or puppy is when it comes to bringing emotional healing to those who are lonely and hurting. For those who are shut-ins or bed-ridden, the act of sharing a cuddle and a pet with a puppy can make all the difference in the world.

Make someone smile today and share this miracle of love with as many people as possible. Who knows it might just be the thing that begins the healing someone else needs to see today.

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