Wild Orca Always Swims Right Up To The Kayaking Friend He’s Known For Years


Nathan Pettigrew is a kayaking enthusiast whose hobby has led him into striking an unusual friendship. He knows orcas well and as it turns out, they are quite fond of him, as well. There is an orca named Pickle who has taken a special shine to Nathan.

They met back in 2010 and have paddled together numerous times since. Pickle is easy enough to spot, since he has a very distinctive dorsal fin. Pettigrew believes that the fin was damaged after the orca had a run in with another orca or possibly even a shark.

However, the damage done that was done to his fin has not seemed to dampen Pickle’s spirits. Pettigrew appreciates this distinct feature, since it allows him to spot his buddy much more easily. Pickle has also maintained the same friendly demeanor that Pettigrew has grown accustomed to, even as he grows in size.


Pickle is also able to recognize his pal Nathan. When he is paddling around the New Zealand waters, he wears the same uniform each time, so that Pickle can always spot him. He wears a red shirt and a red hat every time he heads out on his kayak. According to Pettigrew, his interactions with Pickle are much different than the ones he has with the other orca who reside in the crystal waters.


The orca is quite curious and always comes up to Nathan to investigate his kayak. Here’s hoping that this friendship is able to last the test of time. It is not every day that you see an orca and a human develop a bond like this and hopefully, this video inspires more people to treat animals like humans.


Pickle is definitely smarter than most would assume, judging from his ability to remember his old friend every time he sees him. A friendship should never be judged according to how often you see your buddy, it should be judged on whether the connection remains strong. By that criteria, this is one of the best friendships that we have ever seen.


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