This Veteran’s Service Dog Ran Away. But When You See This… OMG


When veterans are in the process of transitioning back into life as civilians, few things are more important to them than the relationship that they share with their service animals. The Marine veteran in this clip experienced a moment of true terror recently, when he was separated from his service dog and did not know where to find him.

Raider the dog went missing one night, sending his owner into a state of panic. Just imagine how you would feel if your best friend in the world went missing and you had no way to reach out and contact them and you will have at least a rough idea of what Raider’s owner was going through.

Fortunately for this dynamic duo, Raider was found before disaster could strike. Upon his discovery, he was taken to the Utah Vet Center. Luckily for us, their stirring reunion was captured on camera for the world to see. This is one reunion that certainly had to have felt so good, for both parties involved.

Raider’s owner, Chris, is clearly elated to see his old friend again and viewers can hear the pain in his voice when he playfully admonishes Raider for scaring the daylights out of him. We can only hope that Raider has learned a serious lesson from this experience and that he will never, ever leave Chris hanging like this ever again.

No one deserves to worry in this way, especially not a man who has already given so much to his country. He hugs Raider as if it is the last time that they are ever going to see each other and openly weeps. Being able to release all of his pent up emotions after spending an entire night searching for the pup led to a cathartic moment for Chris, a moment that you may find yourself rewinding again and again and again.

Would you like to see the rest of this reunion and learn more about the unique bond that Chris and Raider share? Then be sure to watch the remainder of this video, so that you can see this tearful moment in full. You just might end up needing a box of tissues yourself, so take a moment to have some Kleenex handy.
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