This Unusual Owl Has The Most Mesmerizing Eyes You’ll Ever See.


Have you guys ever thought that Owls have been considered as one of the wisest mystical birds ever existed? Can you recall that for ages these creatures have been a world-wide symbol of great knowledge and wisdom in fiction, fables, and different books? If you can’t remember then I can tell you that Owls have served as omen for ages or as signs of things to come. Maybe some of you can remember Hedwig, Harry Pter’s Snowy Owl that was of a great importance in transmuting important news. However in here you will see a very unusual special Owl who ended up in a house in California.

His name is Zeus and he is a blind Owl. The Owl was flying nearby a couple’s house, but hit the head and fell into their porch.


If you see closer you will be able to tell that something is wrong with his hypnotizing eyes. Zeus is blind. 


His beautiful look like clear summer night sky. Full or shines, and really infinite. He was born without lenses or irises. Looks like millions of stars are floating inside his eyes. 


The couple took Zeus at the Vet, and they checked him up. Now he is going to move at Wildlife Learning Center because the couple is not allowed to keep him in the house. 


Because of his sight conditions, the Owl is not going to get released in the wold. It is unsafe, and the Owl would have a really tough life. It is a really difficult thing to have a life, if you can’t see what is around you. Especially if you are a bird and you have no one to look after you. The important thing i that Zeus likes his new “home” and he feels safe and protected. We really wish him a happy long life. 



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