This Tiny Filly Just Had Her First Day Outside… But Keep Your Eyes On The Other Horses!


Little coconut is a two day old foal that has just made his first appearance to the public. This is one of a very few foundation hole that is common with newly born horses. Obviously, Little Coconut does not yet know how to ride a straight line. It is an experience every horse born into this world must face.


Until they are trained by humans, most horses do not simply know how to ride in a direct straight line extendedly. This is because the very act of riding extendedly is not just part of their natural behavior. As this baby horse tries to move around, he is seen meandering. Normally, baby horses are not very capable of riding a direct straight line extendedly until they are taught to do so with the right methods.

The most amazing part of the story, is the high level of excitement that was displayed by other members of the family when little Coconut made her first appearance on racing field. It seemed as if it was a moment everyone was waiting for. Other horses can be seen behind the fence where they anxiously watched baby Coconut do his thing. His mum who was there with him served as a rear guide to him.

When baby Coconut started off in a walk in the arena along the fence line, mother horse could not take her eyes away from him. She locked her eyes on him like a gem that must never get lost. Baby Coconut is still learning how to walk. He has not yet gotten acclimatized with the courageous gaiety that most horses portray.

From the look of things, it is clear that his mum was teaching him how to ride his feet even though he seemed to be faster than his mum by running ahead. However, mother Horse needs to be recommended for taking her time to be patient and kind with him. She even allowed his to have some suck of breast milk after the whole exercise.

While baby coconut made his first race course around the arena with mum as his guide, father stood from a short distance to watch his foal. He would certainly be amazed by the strength and vigor his two days old baby must have gained to carry on with such an exercise.

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