These Graceful Women Line Up – But Don’t Take Your Eye Off The One In The Back


Typically, when you think of synchronized swimming, your mind conjures up images of Olympic competition and other portrayals that you may have seen on television. Or perhaps you draw a comparison to other aquatic activities, such as water polo or water ballet. Regardless of what you know about synchronized swimming, be prepared to have all of those perceptions challenged when you take the time to watch this clip.

Thanks to these innovative Spanish swimmers, you will never be able to look at synchronized swimming in quite the same way ever again. With their inspired decision to perform a routine to the strains of Led Zeppelin’s classic smash hit “Stairway To Heaven”, they provided their audience with a performance that was not only memorable, but also heartfelt.

The song structure of “Stairway Of Heaven” lends itself well to these kinds of performances. It follows a reliable formula of beginning with a certain sort of melodic grace, before building to an unforgettable, electric crescendo. This amazing team managed to put together a performance that could rival Led Zeppelin’s original track when it comes to grace and memorability.

This team does not lose one step for the entirety of the track, which is certainly no mean feat. Their movements mirror the song with perfection, as they begin their routine with more subtle, hypnotic dancing. They pirouette in unison, lulling their audience (and the viewers at home) into a false sense of security.

But as you can imagine, once the song begins to build to its dramatic conclusion, the synchronized swimmers spring into action, moving faster and faster. Before you even realize what has taken place, they have started flipping around the water like acrobats while simultaneously thrashing about like a group of headbangers.

The crowd is clearly enjoying every last moment of this performance and the ladies received a standing ovation for a job well done. This unique, hard rocking performance is unlike most others of its kind and showcases true talent and dedication. The clip is a testament to what can be accomplished when a group comes together and becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

Cliches survive for as long as they do because they are inherently true and the old saying about teamwork making the dream work is certainly true. Just imagine the sheer amount of man (ahem, woman) hours these ladies put in to create a performance that could come across to the viewer as this effortless.

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