This Starving Dog Was Ignored, Even In Front Of The Police Station – Then This Happened


In the heart of Columbia, off of the coast, Cartagena rests, a beach town that lives and breathes in order to have tourists on their sandy shores. This spot holds a lot of wonderful restaurants, hangout spots and other great places for family or friends to come hangout.

Right off of the beach, there’s a police station, positioned perfectly in order to regulate the crime that takes place on the beach, and make sure everybody is having a fun time in the safest manner possible. A few footsteps away from the entrance, a beautiful but very malnourished dog was lying in the sand, unable to move because of how hungry she was. This dogs name is Saori, and she needed medical attention and the love of some humans immediately.


Unfortunately, while positioned in a spot you would think would be perfect in order for her to get some help, she went unnoticed- even ignored. Tourists walked by her and didn’t even bat an eye at the thin frame she had taken, and the local officials didn’t even bother to go outside of the building in order to check on the friendly, but scared, pup.


Finally, a knight in shining armor, otherwise known as the tourist who saved poor Saori’s life, noticed the pup and was disgusted and how many people ignored her state of malnourishment without trying to help.


Violeta Barrero, the tourist, made a facebook post trying to get the attention of somebody who was willing to help. Although she wanted to help Saori herself, she was afraid of the possible diseases the dog might have, and wasn’t sure if Saori would even allow her to get close enough to pet her, let alone capture her and try to aid her malnourishment. A rescue caught wind of the post and got a van together in order to trek to the beach to save the pups life.


In the beginning, Saori was scared, and wouldn’t even touch the bowl of food she was offered. This is typical in animals that are extremely starved, as the hunger soon turns into a pain when they don’t find food.


After a couple of tries, Saori finally dug into a bowl of fried chicken, given to her to coax her to eat.


Now, Saori is starting to trust the people that decided to save her life, even eating out of the palm of their hand. Soon, she will be ready to be adopted, and the tourist that saved her life will know the good deed she did.


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