This Starved Dog Gets A Second Lease On Life


It can be devastating to a dog when they are dumped at a shelter. However, sometimes, people have no other alternative – and if they cannot care for their pet, it is better if they do this. The problem is that some shelters have a high kill rate because they are not receiving enough funding.


This poor poodle is absolutely starved when she comes into the shelter. It isn’t until they shaved her that they realize just how malnourished she is. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see this week dog look as skinny as she is.

At Devore Shelter, they did all that they could for the start, but the reality was that she needed to gain some weight, and she really needed to make sure that she got into a home. They knew that they had no choice but to shave her and get some weight on her if she wanted to have adoption in her future.

The good news is that Sally’s Rescue stepped in to foster the dog. This would allow her to recover more efficiently and gain more weight. The moment she sees that she is going to be fostered, the dog begins to where her tail, and it is as if she is begging the camera to take pity on her. This wag also shows that she is ready for the fight of her life – she will do whatever she can in order to get adopted.

You really have to watch this video of the poodle to see just what she looks like from the moment she steps into the shelter to now. Luckily, she was able to get adopted – and she has the life that she should have always had.

She wasn’t one of the statistics that results in a dog being euthanized at a shelter because they don’t have the funds or the space. The ASPCA estimates that approximately $1.2 million are euthanized every single year.

Thanks to Sally’s Rescue, this didn’t happen to the sweet poodle. Share this inspirational story out on Facebook today so that you and others can learn how much of an impact you can have on a dog’s life. It may be one of the top feel-good videos that you see this week.

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