This Southern Gentleman Was Told His Accent Was ‘Offensive.’ His Response Is PERFECT


Southern accents are often the subject of a great deal of scrutiny. Some believe that anyone who uses one is a country bumpkin or someone who lacks intelligence. Or they may feel offended, because they assume the person is racist or holds mindsets that are not conducive to living in a modern society.

We are told not to judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to Southern accents, we are guilty to a certain degree, especially those who are not born and raised in the region. One man had finally reached his limit of what he was willing to deal with and decided to issue an impassioned response to the criticism he had received.

Maybe you believe that the rant you are about to watch is too passionate or perhaps you may not agree with the content of his words. However, it is the emotion behind the words that makes them so easy to relate to. We have all experienced the sting that comes from people judging us without ever taking the opportunity to learn more about how we truly feel inside.

This man’s name is Chad Prather and he is the perfect embodiment of the Southern gentleman. He received a number of hateful comments about his accent and instead of retaliating, he decided to foster a greater understanding by releasing this video. His response is poised and gracious and he does not allow the haters to get him down.

He came up with the perfect title for his response: Unapologetically Southern. While you may have already seen rants like these on social media in the past, chances are high that you have never seen one quite like this. Chad decided that enough was enough when it came to being ridiculed about his accent and made this clip in order to clear the air.

He is very confident in his heritage and is more than happy to go in-depth about the ways of life he has been able to enjoy as a result of his Southern upbringing. His speech is not abrasive or rude, in fact, it is the total opposite. He imbues his words with a sly sense of humor and shows respect at all times. Chad’s easygoing nature is definitely infectious.

Chad’s smile may be coy, but his words are potent, as he throws a slight jab at all of the “master communicators” out there. While his accent may not be familiar to you, his method for getting his point across is on point.

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