This Simple Solution Removed All Of The Dog Stains From Her Carpet… Wow!


We all love our furry friends, even when they cause a little mayhem around the house. For all pet lovers and enthusiasts, everyone has to deal with the occasional pet-caused carpet stain. Getting stains out of carpets can be difficult and expensive, especially if your carpet is a light color and shows stains easily. We discovered a super simple, do-it-yourself, 2-ingredient pet stain remover!


When dogs, cats, or other pets who wander your carpets come in and out of the house, they can accidentally drag mud or dirt in, and get it all over. Other pets may get a little too excited or have an accident on the floor. It can be quite the hassle to remove discoloring, stains, and odor. However, one loving doggie mama discovered this miracle solution to getting out those tough stains – hydrogen peroxide and Dawn dish soap!


It was amazing! From ingredients she already had around the house, she was able to make her carpet look new, even after her beloved 16 year old dog started having accidents around the house. She was tired of buying expensive carpet cleaner, and she wasn’t about to hire a professional! With her older pooch living in the house, it was just going to keep happening. So she got creative and brought us all this great solution.


In a small Tupperware or container, mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide and Dawn dish soap. Use just enough to cover a brush and saturate your stained area. Find a strong bristled brush in order to be able to scrub the carpet well and cover the stained area. Use the brush’s bristles to scrub in a light coat of the liquids.


The hydrogen peroxide makes the area clean and germ free once again, and the Dawn works on the discoloration of the carpet. The two work together to eliminate odors and save your carpet and your beloved pet. After scrubbing in the solution, allow it to sit for 30 minutes. Blot up the solution with towels and run a vacuum over the carpet. Once you are done, you won’t be able to tell there was ever a stain there!


It’s incredible how easy it is and how good it looks! Look at the amazing before and after photos and see for your self – it’s that simple! With ingredients you already probably have in your home, you can create an inexpensive way to save your carpets from your pet messes.


Let’s face it, we love our furry friends so much and we want them inside with us, even at the risk of our carpets. But now, there’s no need to fret about your pet lounging about in the house. Use this simple solution and see incredible results.

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