This Shelter Dog’s Reaction To Finally Being Adopted Is PRICELESS And Will Warm Your Heart!


Benny is a black and white marbled shelter dog. Benny has lived in the Carson Animal Care Center in Gardena, California for a long time hoping to be adopted. This heartwarming and hilarious video opens with Benny looking bereft and lonely through the window of his cage as his cell mate has just left with new adoptive humans.

The dog’s eyes and expression look just like those of a person that is in jail awaiting a bondsman to come and get him out. You get a sense of hopelessness and longing for a better state of existence that is simply heart rending.
The dog perks up for an unknown reason. You cannot see what the dog sees but the dog knows something special is about to happen to him. A man with a collar opens Benny’s cage and the dog is transported into conniptions of the ultimate joy because he is adopted.

The elated show that the dog puts on is not to be missed. Benny is a large dog and he almost drags his new lady owner off of her feet in his rush to be outside and free again. The dog jumps all over the place in ecstasy. He knows that he is finally going to have a home. No words can really capture the jubilation that the dog feels.

The lady leads or really gets dragged outside and Benny is obviously thrilled with the sights, sounds, and smells of a world he has not seen for a long time and had almost lost hope of ever seeing again. The pair proceeds to a small park near the parking lot of the shelter where Benny sniffs and inspects everything. The dog is quick to mark his new found territory.

A man is waiting to let Benny into a car and the people and the dog drive off to Benny’s new home.

You just have to share this video with anyone that might have any desire at all to adopt a pet from an animal shelter. Nothing has ever captured the emotion that an animal feels being caged and homeless and the extremes of joy at being liberated and loved for the first time in ages like this video does.
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The video is hilariously funny. The dog is just in an uproar about being free. This video will persuade anyone to consider adopting a dog from a shelter just for the pleasure the dog experiences in having a home and someone to love.

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