Showing Wild Emotions For Their Fallen Comrades


This was a funeral that never will be forgotten by these New Zealand soldiers. This was the loudest and coolest way to really show your emotions during this military funeral by the Second First Battalion of the Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment. Watch this video and check out the soldiers as they cry their eyes out.
The 200 soldiers were honoring three other fallen comrades at a funeral ceremony in Christchurch, New Zealand. The soldiers were performing an ancient ancestral war cry called “Haka”. The performance is of a traditional dance, cry that was carried out by the “Maori People” of New Zealand. The original ritual was used by the warriors back in the 1800s right before going into battle.

Watch this video and you won’t believe the emotion for the fallen soldiers. The practice of “Haka” includes all kinds of chanting and body movements as it is performed.

The loud grunts, body slapping and facial expressions are used by the warriors to scare off the enemy. The entire chorus of the movements and loud chants make for quite a spectacular event. The “Haka” sounds like some kind of weird musical group because it does have the warriors in sync with one another. The ritual is meant to express emotions of joy, fighting and even sentiments to an individual like this military funeral.

The “Haka” of today is used for all different kinds of ceremonies. The tradition was made popular by the New Zealand Rugby team and the ritual has been used with women performing the parts.

Listen to this video and you will witness emotions and sentiments by these New Zealand soldiers that is overwhelming and modern at the same time. It’s amazing how this primitive ritual draws you out and reaches to your most inner feelings. While watching and enjoying this video, the intensity and the empathy is just one of the coolest things you can witness in the human psyche.

Soldiers are not known to show their emotions so this makes watching this video almost shocking in the way they react in unison to honor their fallen heroes. The facial expressions and noises they produce really says it all!

Watch this to better understand the mentality of these brave men.

The collective grief of the regiment almost seems to be contagious as I was watching the ritual as it, just has a way of pulling you in. The video makes you laugh with joy while feeling great sentiments for the whole burial procession. I thank the military spokesman for releasing this video of the “Haka” funeral celebration, and to be able to experience this as if I were there. It is an unforgettable experience and video. Please watch this and laugh and enjoy also please share with others.

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