This Seems Like Any Man Walking His Dog, but take a Closer Look …


Watching an animal undergo surgery is always a heart wrenching experience. There are no guarantees in life, especially when it comes to the continued health and safety of the animals that we love most. Complications tend to arise during surgical procedures, which makes it difficult for animals who are trying to mend their wounds.

But animals are much stronger creatures than they are usually given credit for, as you can see in this astonishing video. The dog in this clip is named Loois and Loois underwent a recent surgery that left him without the ability to work. Can you imagine undergoing a surgery and waking up as a paraplegic?
This is the horrific fate that was suffered by poor Loois. But luckily for Loois, he had an owner who loved him very much and was ready and willing to accommodate his needs. This selfless owner was even able to adjust his own lifestyle to make life easier for his dog. In a world where people regularly dispose of animals that inconvenience their lives in any way, a story like this one is certainly refreshing.

The owner’s name is Craig Mosher and he stepped up to the plate in a big way. Viewers might think that they are watching a normal video of a guy simply walking his dog, but when they take the time to look a bit closer, they’ll learn the amazing truth. A new harness was made especially for Loois, one that would allow him to head out with his owner, without being forced to use his back legs.

Loois’ owner also helps him with his therapy sessions out in the garage and Craig’s commitment to the continued health of his pup is commendable. If only every owner with a disabled pet would take care of their animal in this manner, our shelters would be a lot less crowded.

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If you’d like to get to know Loois and his owner a little bit better, take a moment to watch this amazing clip.

You simply cannot keep a good pup down and this video provides all of the visual evidence that you’ll need. Loois is lucky to have such a caring and considerate owner by his side, one who is able to help him through a traumatic experience. Did this story touch you as much as it did us? Then be sure to take time out to share away!


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