This rescued kitten proves once more that love is blind. Her story is just amazing


This poor kitten was found last December. At that time she was 4-months old, and was rescued after being found wandering through a parking lot in Burlington, Canada. The Vets who checked this little kitten said that she was born blind as a result microphthalmia. It is a condition which causes eyes not to develop properly. That is the reason why the Vets thought that the chances this little kitten could survive on her own were really low.

The little kitten at 4-months old! 

love is blind

They named the little kitten Hope, and took her at the Burlington Humane Society. The caregivers thought that the little kitten needed a surgery ASAP to remove her underdeveloped eyes. But the surgery would cost a couple of hundred $. 

love is blind1

That is the reason why they decided to spread out the word, and incentive children and adults to contribute. They all had to contribute for a good cause to cover the expenses of the surgery they needed to take. 

love is blind2

One of the most inspirational donators was a little girl. The little girl was named Katelyn, and she asked her friends and family to contribute for Hope’s surgery, as a gift for her her birthday. She was able to raise awareness of what was happening. 

love is blind3

From all the contribution Hope was able to have the surgery this February. Everything went well, and all she needed was to get adopted from her forever family. She needed someone to take special care of her. Luckily enough shortly after the surgery she was adopted by a loving family of two little boys. 

love is blind4

Hope is able to have a quiet life, a sweet house, and a loving family. She could not ask for nothing more. Her life changed radically in just a couple of months, and she could not be happier for her life. 

love is blind5

Even though she is different, she is loved just the same as other animals. We wish Hope a really long, beautiful cat life. You are really special!

Source: Thedodo


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