This Rescue Pup Is Too Small For A Kennel, So Watch What They Do With Him.


Dogs are the most wonderful and faithful creatures you can find in your lifetime. The fact that many of those lovely and loving animals are abandoned, abused and sacrificed is heartbreaking.

Arthur is a tiny, hairless and extremely fragile dog. This poor animal was found with no strength, defeated by fatigue, pain, hunger and thirst. He was almost closing his eyes forever, but thanks to the shelter staff, everything changed, and they promise themselves that Arthur will never have to suffer anymore.
If you are convinced that dogs have feelings and intelligence, it is clear that you will agree that they also feel cold, heat and pain, at a different level from our levels.

People are led to believe that only they feel when temperatures change, however, animals, especially those who have short or no hair, usually suffer a lot in those times of the year.

Another important thing to remember is that the animals may also have cold symptoms that resemble those of human flu signs.

If you want to protect your pet, you can create a special outfit. An outfit is more effective in protecting your friend’s cold, wearing a sock made of a thicker fabric such as wool is a good idea.

It may happen that your four-legged friend doesn’t like the idea of wearing an outfit. Keep in mind that this is quite normal since it is not the nature of your pet wear clothes. The tip is to try different types of clothes, so your friend would be able to adapt to wear the outfit created by you to protect him from the cold.

Make a training work like showing him that whenever he wears the outfit he will smoothly earn a reward. This is not to force him to wear the outfit, but to make him realize that when he wears the outfit you will be happy, for that reason you will give him a reward.

If it doesn’t work and your pet is not wearing the outfit it is important to take other measures to keep your pet warm on the coldest days. Keep the environment in which your pet lives always warm. Do not forget to have a blanket especially for him to sleep, no matter if he is wearing a sweater or not.

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