This Rare Baby Was Rejected At Birth, But Wait Till You See Where He Is Now!


Dragon is such a cute fawn but with a sad story. He was born just last month with a rare pigmentation condition that caused him to have an abnormal coloring of his skin and eyes which are blue, it also causes other health effects. His face is white with a pink nose unlike the other deers who have black colored nose. he has a light brown skin at the middle of his body dotted white and underneath is a wool white color. This is a very rare pigmentation of the skin of a deer.


He was actually a twin but was rejected by his mother when she discovered that he had a medical condition. Unlike what circumstances suggest, Dragon is a very cheerful and normal deer full of love and live.

He was then adopted by the amazing animal shelter who felt it was unfair for such an adorable creature to be left homeless. he was evidently traumatized by the experience of rejection from his own mother but thanks to the team he now has a new home and has been showered with love ever since.

Dragon as he was named by one of the team members is just an attention loving deer. According to the shelter he needed to have a name tougher than he looked to help him get along – so cute. Dragon is now well taken care of being feed four to five times a day with milk and other healthy supplements and being paid close attention to even around the farm.

The rejection by his mother is not a very new scenario. Mums in the wild don’t want to waste their energies raising an unhealthy child. Dragon is just so special, he will be growing pink antlers just like the color of his nose.

These animals have emotions and they get hurt when abandoned by their families. This can leave them depressed and unhappy for a long time but thanks to the shelter program, their hope for a beautiful life is being restored and they end up experiencing much more love from the shelter than could ever have received.

Evidently this animal shelter creates a comfortable environment for helpless animals like dragon, giving them a safe haven they can grow up in and have the best of life moments in. They share these moments with other animals who have had similar experiences and together they build the ever loving life they desired.

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