This Puppy Was Abandoned At A Crime Scene. But Then A Cop Did THIS…


A  tittle tiny puppy was found in a really uncommon place. An officer found her in a drug-related crime scene.  The officer who found the tiny puppy said that she looked really scared and all alone. Officer Mike Lynes said that he would never ever think that in a case like that, he was going to find a little adorable puppy. The good news is that the officer decided to get the dog. He said that after finding her he had no intentions at all to leave her behind. And that would be the beginning of a brand new life for Daisy!

Detective Mike Lynes found this puppy on the bathroom floor during a drug bust. He was not about to leave her behind…

new puppy

She was brought to the police station, and she looked pretty comfortable with the new environment. As long as she could take good peaceful naps. 

daisy the pup

First the officer had to take Daisy to an animal control to see if anyone would claim for her. If she had an owner then they would find for her somewhere for sure. 

daisy the pup

Since the officer Lynes couldn’t stop thinking about her, he decided to adopt Daisy, after no one went to ask for her.

daisy girl

Now Daisy has a brand new family that takes really good care of Daisy. Her duty now is to increase awareness of drug abuse dangers while wearing this adorable custom-made vest.


Thanks to officer Lynes for not ignoring this cute little tiny puppy, Daisy is able to live life like never before. Nothing will ever be the same as before now. As you can see she is living her life in her little paradise bubble. She has a loving family, a “job”, and a sweet  future ahead. She is happy, healthy, and more adorable than ever.

daisy girl1

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