This Puppy Was Too Scared To Let Rescuers Touch Her. But Then This Happened.


Ginnie hid behind the dumpster. She was terrified. She would fight for all she was worth when a human came near. What could have happened to this young pup to make her so afraid?

The rescuers from Hope for Paws attempted the rescue. Ginnie was so traumatized that they backed off and regrouped. Sometimes there is no way to make a terrified dog understand that they are there to help. Maybe the puppy was abused by other humans. Maybe she had never been held by a person and cared for. Perhaps she was sick or injured and in pain. There was no way to tell.

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The Hope for Paws rescue workers had no choice but to help Ginnie in spite of herself. They got the leash around the puppy and thanks to the generosity of Disney Blanketeers they had a lovely soft blanket to wrap her in. This was the first step in making Ginnie feel safe. They took her to the animal hospital and after her assessment took her to a relaxing room. Another Hope for Paws rescue worker began to work with Ginnie to calm her and she began to sense that she was not in danger. Ginnie was bathed, fed and given water and all the while, the bonding had begun.

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Ginnie was transferred to Doggies 911 who will find her a forever home. In Ginnie’s case, it may take a while. Though she is coming along well and seems to be adjusting; Ginnie will need a patient, caring and understanding human to love and care for her.

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We will never know what happened to Ginnie. What we do know is she was rescued and she will recover. We know that without the caring people at Hope for Paws, she would have probably died behind that dumpster. We know that Doggies 911 will work with her until she is able to trust people. We know that she is so important to them that they will never give up on her.

Ginnie is one of the lucky ones. Someone found her before it was too late. There are far too many dogs living on the streets, and not enough organizations to rescue all of them. But every day Hope for Paws gives it their best. Because of them, there is hope for hundreds of animals who are in danger.

They also shared this info about the loving pup:

“Ginnie is living with Masumi Hara – the trainer for Doggies 911, and even though she is still a little scared, she is getting better and better every day.

Whoever adopts her will have to continue working with her, loving her, hugging her and teaching her the joys of life.”

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