This Puppy Was Left To Die In A Plastic Bag, After 1 Hour Your Jaw Will Drop!


This harrowing tale is about a puppy whose chances of having a happy life were dire, to say the least. The animal was rescued from a critical zone, after photos of the animal’s predicament went viral. The pictures were posted on Facebook and within a half hour, the animal’s fortune have changed for good.

But if you think that things stopped there, that’s where you’re wrong. After the puppy’s pictures went viral, the animal was adopted within one hour. The rescue of this pup took place in Brazil, where the crew posted an adoption event. This cute little creature was snapped up immediately.

A Facebook group that saves needy animals in Rondon found the tortured puppy and asked for assistance on their website. Marcia Lutz, a member of the aforementioned group, took to social media, asking followers for help with the puppy’s rescue, after he was found in a ravine, trapped inside of a plastic bag.


Within the blink of an eye, the group received an outpouring of support from concerned citizens. It seemed as if all 1,300 of the group’s members had something to say about the situation and the comment section started blowing up with offers to help the dog.


One particular group member, Cláucia Jackline de Oliveira, who works at the same medical offices that are located in the vicinity where the dog was spotted, and a friend headed to the ravine and were able to rescue the puppy with lightning speed.

This animal rescue will have to go down in history. With so many animals who spend years out on the street without receiving any help, it is heartwarming to see one poor pooch receive this type of treatment. It is tough to imagine what would have become of this dog had people not acted so quickly.


Once the dog was rescued from his unbelievably awful plight, he was definitely in the mood to celebrate. After escaping death, wouldn’t you be ready to have the time of your life, too? This little guy went from facing an almost certain death to riding out to his new forever home in about sixty minutes. This story is proof that people can make a difference in an animal’s life.


This is a milestone event for those who rescue animals for a living. Even when things are at their most dire, there is still hope.

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