This Puppy Was Abandoned 40 KMS Away From Civilization, Watch What Happens Next


This is a story about a scared dog, who was found hiding out beside a rural highway in the nation of Greece. He was slowly starving to death and was afraid of every car that passed. The puppy was left 40 kilometers from civilization and did not seem long for this world.

The sickly animal had been left to die alone on the side of the road. Fortunately for this dog (who is named Melios), the Ilioupolis Animal Welfare came along at the right moment. They pulled up, found Melios, scooped him up and took him to get the help he needed.


The creature was paralyzed and needed to be carried into the car, since he could not walk on his own. The eyes of Melios say it all, don’t they? He cannot speak for himself, so his rescuers had to look into the windows to his soul, so that he could properly express his undying gratitude.


During his ride, Melios was able to gaze out the window and feel the joy of a person’s caress. He sat on his rescuer’s lap and enjoyed the attention that he was receiving. Poor Melios was suffering from a variety of medical conditions.


The puppy was covered in mange and was suffering from an old leg fracture. Melios’ rescuers provided him with the love and treatment that he so desperately needed and placed the pup on the road to recovery.


They even helped Melios to locate a foster home, where he could receive love and affection on a daily basis. He now lives with his foster brother and has more friends than he knows what to do with. When it comes to embracing his new forever home, Mel has seized the moment in record time.


While some might view what happened to Mel as some sort of miracle, it is merely a testament to what can happen when people put all of their love and care towards a common goal. Someone left this poor puppy all alone to die on the side of the road, but his resilience is commendable.

If you would like to watch this amazing rescue, then be sure to click on the video below. Take a moment to find out more about how you can help causes like these. And once this video has concluded, don’t forget to pass it along to all of your closest friends and family. Animals like Mel do not deserve this type of treatment, so spread the awareness!

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