This Puppy Is Taking A Nap. But When His Favorite Song Comes On? Just Wait!


You have to watch this video to believe it. Did you ever think that your dog knew the tunes you love most? The video shows you proof that at least one dog is not only a music fan but recognizes his favorite tune even when he is napping.

A cute little blue eyed Australian Shepherd puppy is snoozing away in the back seat of a car. You never see the people driving the car or making the video. Oakley is immediately aroused when a tune from an animated Disney movie starts playing.
The dog just does not get up lazily and yawning like a dog normally does when they wake up from a nap. Oakley snaps his head up like he knows that something he wants to hear is playing. The intensity of the dog’s eyes is so concentrated that you just have to believe the dog knows the tune by heart.

The short little video is funny. The dog not only listens to the tune like a true fan but howls along with it. There is a certain part of the song that is repeated and that seems to be what the dog is most interested in because that is when the dog “sings” along the most and loudest.

The video will make you want to watch your dog’s reaction to the music you play. You can share this stunning and hilarious video with fellow dog owners and do your own testing of dog’s musical tastes. Who knows? Some breeds may prefer classical and some may like acid rock.

People surround themselves with music all day long. It is not really that strange that a dog would be able to learn what a person likes and become a fan of the same music. You need to remember that dogs are trained by voice command. The dog in the video may have heard the tune so often that he memorized it because the song is one of his owner’s favorites.

Oakley loves this song for whatever reason. This little video deserves to be shared with animal lovers and anybody that likes a good laugh. The look on the dog’s face when he hears the tune is so intense and funny that you just become enthralled.
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Disney’s public relations people could have a field day with this video. Even animals love their movies and the songs. The charming little video makes you want to sing along with Oakley.

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