This Puppy Was Moments From Death And All Alone, Now Watch His Transformation!


Watkins is an amazing puppy, who has been a rare source of inspiration to thousands of people who have heard his story. With an incredible follower base of about 12000 on Facebook, Watkins has continued to serve as a paradigm of courage determination to a wider fan base.


His incredible journey to overcoming the mange that covered his skin serves as the bedrock of his accomplishments. Watkins was away from home for a long time and his owners, Stephanie and her husband, carried out a thorough search for him in the forest, which took several hours. At last, they succeed in spotting him, but are taken aback by what they saw; his coat has been shielded with a pathogenic parasite. He had become critically ill.

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Watkins was just four months old, when he suffered this terrible illness. Stephanie remembers how much she had panicked, that she had to rush hurriedly to the vet, carrying in her arms, the disease-stricken Watkins, with hopes for a cure. The doctor diagnosed Watkins and reported that he had suffered from collapsed intestines and bullet shots. He has also suffered from malnutrition, which has caused his ankles to be deformed and his muscle tendons to lose their mobility.

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Watkins’ health continues to deteriorate, in spite of all the doctor’s efforts. He suffered a purulent discharge every time he sat down. One day, his bowel suddenly twisted, and he had to be rushed into the theater for surgery. Watkins fights this battle at the Intensive Care Unit of the vet’s clinic.

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This intriguing success story of Watkins’ grim tenacity and recovery has drawn the attention of thousands of people from online communities; that some have had to visit him. In the space of three weeks Watkins gets discharged, thanks to the thousands of people who have been touched by his story. At present, Watkins still sees his doctor for check-ups for eye and chemotherapy.

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His story is a miraculous one. He still takes his antidepressant drug daily. Watkins teaches everyone, through his life story, that it is not over until it is over. It is important to hold on to courage and never give up, no matter what happens.

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Stephanie and her husband are so elated to see Watkins overcome all his hurdles and return to health again.

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