This Puppy Can’t Play With The Other Dogs, But Watch What The Donkey Does…


Some people, mostly those that own animals, believe that animals have emotional feelings that are very much like people. Dogs are probably the most scientifically studied animals when it comes to demonstrating emotional behavior that is like human emotion.

Then again there is this short little video from an animal lover named Felice Caputo. A donkey named Paolo has not only adopted a dog named Kolima but has taken up the challenge of doing physical therapy for the dog that was born with wobbler syndrome and cannot walk, stand, or run without considerable pain.

This is no joke. The video shows a daily routine that the donkey has taught itself. In some unknown way, the donkey has realized that the dog cannot move like other dogs. The donkey has begun a physical therapy regimen that at least helps his dog friend get some exercise and have some fun in the process.
You have to watch the video to get the true impact of what the donkey does. The dog is at least one-quarter of the size of the donkey. The donkey gently but steadily rolls his friend about in the barn yard in a playful manner. The dog loves the attention and companionship.

One has to think that the donkey in some way knows that the dog is disabled. The donkey appears to know that the dog needs to experience exercise and the companionship of other animals. Certainly, the people that own Kolima tend to the dog’s needs and care for the dog but the donkey seems to have appointed himself as a special attendant and guardian to the stricken dog.

Wobbler syndrome is not curable and there is little that veterinarians can do in treating the disease. Paolo just seems to instinctively know that his friend needs to be moved about every day and to be loved in a special way.

You may never have seen an animal care for another animal that is disabled in some way but it is not as rare an occurrence as you might think. The caring for a disabled dog by a donkey is absolutely a rarity. This little video is a marvelously touching demonstration of the tenderness and love that animals have for other animals.

If Paolo were a person most people would claim he was a male nurse or a selfless humanitarian. Share this video with your friends that love animals. The relationship between the donkey and the dog is astounding and heart warming. The donkey loves the dog and the dog simply loves being cared for.

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