This Pup’s First Friend Isn’t What You’d Think, But It’s WAY Too Adorable!


Seeing puppies adjust to their new living environments is one of the most adorable things ever. While they are certainly grateful to have a forever home to call their own, new puppies can be spooked by the idea of having to navigate a big house by themselves. That is why it is important for puppies to make friends who are able to understand their plight.

Boomer the chihuahua is an impossibly cute little pup who you may want to reach through the screen and squeeze. He is in the process of getting curled up for the night, when his tiny little eyes become fixated on one item in particular. The friend that he is about to meet is a tad on the unconventional side, though.
Instead of becoming buddies with one of the humans, or even another dog, Boomer has fallen victim to the allure of the squeaky toy. It is hard for him to control his excitement when he hears the toy and his facial expressions are absolutely priceless. Just try not to laugh too much at his little face!

After a couple of moments, Boomer’s pal finally comes into view and we are introduced to a little blue hippo. It is unclear whether Boomer loves the hippo for his squeakiness or if he appreciates the animal itself, but these two buddies have a lifetime to figure each other. We can only hope that there are more videos in the future, so that we can see where this amazing friendship goes.

For his part, Boomer immediately starts to paw at the hippo and sniff, trying to ascertain the threat level being presented to him. He is quickly satisfied and after a few quick licks, the two are on the road to becoming fast friends. To find out more about how Boomer’s first night at his new home with his new buddy went, take a moment to watch the full clip. These two are so cute together, we can hardly stand to see it!
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Boomer’s true personality definitely shines through in this adorable video and you’ll want to pass it along to your closest friends and family members, so that they can appreciate the unique connection that is on display. They may have to stifle a giggle or two, but many hearts will be warmed along the way. Spread the love even further, by sharing the video on your favorite social media sites, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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