This Pup’s First Friend Isn’t What You’d Think, But It’s WAY Too Adorable!


Everyone almost has a mental image of a Chihuahua puppy. No doubts, Chihuahua pups have become increasingly more popular than they used to be. So it’s highly probable that you might have come across one on the street, on television or at the dog park in recent years.

Chihuahua puppies need to be handled with utmost care and full support due to their tiny nature. Both hands are required to handle them and support them. Apart from the fact that these lovely pets are members of the toy breed group, one amazing feature that distinguishes them from the rest is their uniquely shaped head. Like human newborns, a Chihuahua pup is characterized with a soft spot known as a molera right on the top of its head.

These dogs have much more distinguishing features than just their anatomy. The baby pup in this video is a shy baby Chihuahua that has just come into its forever home. As a newcomer, this tiny-looking canine is shy because it is yet to get accustomed to its new environment. The Mexican native is not sure of how he feels in his new home until his human owner does something to him.

Even in their tiny nature, it will amaze you to know that Chihuahuas are fun dogs. No wonder, they have become a much-loved pet in several countries of the world. This puppy here must have certainly been weaned. Before a Chihuahua dog can be ready for adoption, it must not be less than 3 months old. This is its recommended age for adoption.

An inquisitive, healthy and strong puppy is what everyone desires to have as a pet pooch. Besides, it should have healthy teeth and gait while its fur should be free of bald patches. This adorable small pup certainly has those features.

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This Chihuahua pup soon overcame its timidity when its human mum introduced a toy hippo to it. The soft padded doll was almost of the same size with the pup. As soon as it saw the doll, it kissed it and immediately began to make some fun gestures. No doubt, it was happy to find a new friend. Soon it outgrew its shyness and began to shake its head as if it were seeking more fun.

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