This Pug Is Getting Ready For Bedtime. Now Watch The ADORABLE Thing He Does Next…


A warning must be issued to viewers before this video can be watched. The clip that you are about to see just may make your heart melt into a puddle, due to its excessive cuteness. As such, viewers have been advised to take the proper precautions before they sit down to watch.
You or may not be familiar with the antics of Doug the Pug, but he has risen to prominence over the last year. He has become a bonafide Internet star and developed a devoted following. He may one of the only dogs to have his own pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. He has acquired a large number of followers on his social media pages over the past 12 months, thanks to his adorable videos.
Doug has shown us that he can ride a skateboard, play with his imaginary friends and even get himself for Halloween festivities. This talented pup knows just how to make his fans laugh and smile. As if his past videos hadn’t already convinced viewers of Doug’s cuteness, he’s decided to strike again by sharing a video with his fans that showcases his bedtime routine.

When it is time for Doug the Pug to hit the hay each night, he makes sure to get all decked out in his favorite pajamas, which are decorated with cute ducks. He has his own stuffed animal to cuddle with, a pug that looks much like him. Doug certainly knows how to ham it up for the camera, giving the viewer one of the most lovable looking faces to gaze upon.

If you are anything like myself, then your absolute favorite part of this clip will be watching Doug get snuggled in with his stuffed pug pal. Videos such as these serve to show us the human side of our furry pals and Doug certainly looks like any other person, with his paws over the sheet. This cute little pig is bound to make all of his viewers fall in love with his traits that are eerily similar to ours.

Once you have fallen in love with the charms of Doug the Pug, you will undoubtedly want to go back and watch all of his past videos. There is no dog quite like Doug and you would be hard pressed to locate a pup with his skill set, no matter how much time you are willing to spend looking.

After you’ve finished enjoying the bedtime adventures of Doug, be sure to share this clip with as many of your dog loving friends and family as possible. Post it on your Facebook wall or your Twitter timeline, so that all of your social media followers can take the time to enjoy his adorable antics.

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