This Proud Camera Caught The One Of The Rarest Animal In The World


Animal lovers everywhere should definitely clear their schedules and make time to watch this amazing video. It is very rare to catch a glimpse of the albino humpback whale, but thanks to the camera work of one dedicated citizen, we are now all able to enjoy a moment with these amazing creatures.

Aquatic aficionados will be psyched to learn that the albino humpback whale has been sighted on the Gold Coast of Australia. Do you know why sightings of these whales is such a rare occurrence? Because it is believed that there are only a small handful of them to be found on planet Earth!

A long time ago, a similar looking humpback whale was sighted. The whale was named Migaloo and at that moment in time, Migaloo was considered to be the only living albino humpback whale. However, another albino humpback whale was spotted back in 2011. This baby whale immediately captured the attention of the public.
Some believe that the baby whale was Migaloo’s child. Considering the scarcity of these creatures, there is a very possibility that the baby whale is Migaloo Junior. The whale has been seen attempting to migrate to warmer waters, but it seems that he will not be able to do without attracting a fair amount of attention.

This whale is a star in the making and unfortunately for him, stars attract paparazzi. This type of footage does not come around very often and this video offers viewers a rare opportunity to see an albino humpback whale in their natural habitat.

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