This Possum Was Moments From Death For A Reason You Wouldn’t Believe


For most of us, drinking beer is a fun leisure time activity. We buy the booze, get together with our friends, watch sports, debate a variety of arcane topics and then head home for the night. It’s a great way to blow off steam after a long week of work and/or school and the majority of the population thinks nothing of simply throwing the plastic holders away when we’re finished.


This story is all about what happens when we allow carelessness to take over our thought process. By reading on, you can learn more about the consequences of these decisions and why we should always utilize the proper disposal techniques for our beer related trash. By not cutting off the rings, innocent animals are placed in severe danger.


A possum recently had to suffer for these mistakes, as it crawled onto the porch of a human, mere moments away from death. Why was the possum in such distress? Would the human help them or turn them away? While the possum has no idea what to expect, she also had no strength to carry on and was forced to hope for the best.


She made her way onto the porch, laid down and closed her eyes. She did not know whether this would be her final act as a living creature. Fortunately for the possum, the man who was residing in the house she visited noticed her struggle and decided to provide the help she so clearly needed.


When the man first headed outside to see what was the matter, he did not know how the possum came to be in such an awful predicament. At first, he considered the possibility that one of his dogs had mistaken her for an intruder and injured her. He thought she might be dead, but once he noticed that she was still breathing, he took notice of the plastic ring around her neck.


By all appearances, the ring had been around her neck for some time and had slowly started to make its way beneath the skin. This incredibly painful process had sapped the possum of her strength and quite possible even her will to live.

The man did what should have been done from the very beginning: he cut the ring off and freed the possum from its makeshift imprisonment. The possum was unable to move for 30 minutes after the ring was cut, but she was eventually able to get up and head back into the wild.


Stories like these serve as important notice. We need to be more careful about how we dispose of our trash and continue to cut our plastic rings, so that animals like this possum are no longer affected. Share this with your friends and family, so that awareness can be spread. Please SHARE THIS!

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