This Poor Stray Dog Was Found Basically Unrecognizable. You Will NOT Believe Him Now.


It was supposed to be a spiritual journey for Ursula Vari as she traveled to Peru to discover the purpose of her life, but her journey lead her to finding an unexpected purpose. As she was getting ready to fly home to Los Angeles, her flight a few hours away, an extremely ill dog came close to her. His condition was so horrific it brought tears to her eyes as she reached out to attempt to bring some love into the poor dog.


It was then she realized the dog was in dire need of help, and it seemed as if the animal chose her to help. As he weakly lifted his paw, placing it on her knee, she understood without a doubt she had to do something. With only a few hours left before her flight was scheduled to leave, she was determined to do whatever it would take to see this dog received help.



She bought him some lunch and began searching for a local rescue with her Smartphone. Ursula named the dog Charlie and she promised him she would come back for him. Unable to find a local rescue it was with a sad heart she had to leave Charlie to catch her flight. She was not however, going to give up on finding Charlie help.


When she reached LA, she contacted a local rescue group called Amazon Cares asking them to look for Charlie. She sent pictures and funds through Western Union to assist in Charlie’s rescue and help. On day three she received verification the rescue group had indeed found Charlie and he receiving help.

Charlie was suffering from mites, mixed dermatitis, bacterial dermatitis, critical acute malnutrition and mange. Had they not found Charlie when they did he would have died. Charlie’s angel had saved his life even from thousands of miles away!


Ursula received pictures and videos of Charlie from the rescue center showing her how well he was responding to nutritious foods and medications. His hair even began to grow back. She found her life’s purpose and set up a fund raising campaign to help not only Charlie but other street dogs in need of rescue.

Determined to bring Charlie home she traveled back to Peru four months later and when she saw the miraculous transformation she nearly fainted from joyful surprise. Charlie ran to her and begin showering her with kisses!



Charlie is loving living in LA with Ursula and the two of them together have made a huge difference in the lives of other street dogs. To learn more about how they have saved so many others watch this video and please make sure to share this amazing story with others.


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