This Poor Dog Was Left To Die On The Roof All Alone. Three Days Later? Unbelievable.


The first responders in a time of need and crisis are often firefighters. The men and women go above and beyond their duty in many various rescue operations. It is not always fires, but other areas of rescue where they are needed and do their job without question. It is what they do!

But often, as in this case, they worked a rescue of ‘mans-best-friend.’ You will have a tear in your eye when you read this. A call was received in a Youngstown, Ohio firefighter rescue station. It was not a real clear issue but they jumped into their fire vehicles and took off.

As more information came in regarding the crisis, they were so astounded as to the nature of this saving operation. On the roof of a home was a dog. Her name was Isis and she was scared, hungry, and so perplexed as to why she was there, and who were these men?


The dog was a female, Rottweiler-Doberman mix. The operation took about an hour. A dog on a roof is not your everyday rescue detail. During the rescue, guess who showed up? The poor dog’s owner! Some people should never own a pet. This guy is the perfect example. He does not deserve a pet.


It seems this girl was on the roof for at least three days. She was crawling in and out of a hole. There was no food or water. The owner stated he was out of town at his pal’s house and had been gone for week. The pet was left with no one to look in on her. It was suspected she was left outside considering she relocated to the roof. Obviously, this was a clear-cut case of neglect.


She enjoyed some french fries on the way to be checked out. Poor dog. It is a shame his owner could not have been placed on the roof. It was amazing that the only negative was being below normal weight by thirty pounds with a case of heartworms, which made the local dog rescue organization not want to take her.


This rescued girl’s story reached the local news station and made quite a news story on a slow news weekend. And guess who completed this rescue and took the dog? The firefighter who completed the rescue, Kyle Trimble adopted her and now she is thriving. Good job Firefighter Trimble!


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