This Poor Dog Was Discarded Like Trash, See How He Gets Rescued!


The bystander saw the mother dog attempting to rescue her little one from the garbage can and by all accounts, it looked like she was doing everything in her power to keep her child safe. A mother’s love knows no bounds and this mama had every intention of protecting her most prized possession.

When the police were called onto the scene, they managed to find three more puppies. They were located in a nearby shed and the officers believe that the remainder of the puppies were probably in the garbage can, as well, before being rescued by their fearless mother. This mama pup’s courageous actions are incredible and deserve to be shared with as wide of an audience as possible. Puppy dumping is a shameful activity and one that needs to be brought into the public consciousness.

Just take a look at this video and marvel at the fact this puppy is still alive and well:

It has yet to be determined whether the person who committed this atrocity was responsible for discarding an entire litter or if they were only to blame for the one dog. Whatever their level of involvement was, they are going to be facing charges for their unspeakably cruel actions towards this mother and her little babies.

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