This Poor Dog Was Discarded Like Trash, See How He Gets Rescued!


We live in a world where most animals have gone to extinction as a result of being treated unfairly by owners or predators. These treatment includes dumping of dogs in trash bins, hunting reserved animals for food or economic parts of their body.

Recently, a puppy was recently tied in a plastic bag and thrown away in a garbage can in Tampa Bay. The little puppy that isn’t up to one week old was exposed to an average of 100 degrees Celsius weather of Tampa city. A passer-by saw the mother dog trying to drag the plastic bag in which her puppy was tied up, tear it and rescue her puppy. Doing all she could to save the puppy.
The Police also discovered that there were three other puppies at the nearby shed, but they weren’t tied up. The Police believe the three pups were thrown into the garbage bin but later rescued by their mother. It took the bravery and determination of this mother dog to save all her children. Not just bravery, motherly love.

One wonders how the mother dog knew that her puppies were there in the bin. Could she have followed the owner secretly and seen him throw the animals in the bin? Had she also waited till the cruel human was out of sight before making her move to protect her puppies? These questions would have been answered with proper evidence if the person involved wasn’t anonymous.

To own a dog isn’t mandatory. But, to prevent a mother dog from procreation isn’t going to be all that easy. So what should this anonymous culprit have done? Their excuse could be a lack of resources to take care of their pets; that in itself isn’t an excuse for committing this unfair act. They could have just put the puppies up for adoption because that would have been the most humane thing to do.
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The Tampa Police are investigating to trace the anonymous “pet disposer”. For this puzzle to be solved, everyone has to wait on the Tampa Police to conclude with their investigations. Only then shall the culprit be exposed. When this Animal Rights Law offender is fished out, he or she will be made to face the wrath of the law.

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