This Pit Bull Spent Most Of His Life Being Abused, Now He Is The Happiest Pup Alive!


This is a story about a lovely pit bull named Raj, whose mere existence serves to break the existing stereotypes about the supposed viciousness of pitbulls. While these animals are often seen as being too scary to invite into your home, they need the same love and compassion as any other living creature.

Raj had lived a miserable life before he finally received a second chance. He spent most of his days being chained up and abused. He was even poisoned and it is a wonder that he is still alive. Poor Raj saw nothing but the worst in life and it is a shame that he spent so many of his early days living in fear.

If you’re anything like the rest of us, there is no chance that you would have treated this innocent pitbull this way. People who mistreat animals are beyond a certain level of understanding and there is no reason to ever hurt an innocent creature. How these people can ever live with themselves after what they have done is a question that is difficult to answer.
While their actions are tough to reason with, Raj ended up finding a forever home, a safe respite from his world of abuse and torment. He had a family before, but was not treated well. He and two other dogs spent the majority of their time chained up outside of a house, with meager amounts of food and water to survive on. Some days, Raj and his buddies did not receive anything to eat or drink.

Once this family decided that they did not want any of these animals anymore, they decided to poison all of them. The other two dogs passed away as a result of this cruelty, but Raj somehow managed to survive. When Raj survived, he was given to a neighbor. His new family brought him to a shelter immediately and you can catch a glimpse of this blind dog at his forever home by taking a moment to watch this amazing video.

Thanks to the actions of these kind neighbors and the good people who work at Animal Humane in New Mexico, Raj received the love and care that he so desperately needed. The pitbull would soon revert to his normal, happy self and is grateful to have found a family that loves him.

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