When This Pit Bull Mix Was Left On His Own To Starve, He Had Quite An Unlikely Rescuer


Most fur parents would do anything for their furry babies. In fact, a good number of kindhearted souls live on basic necessities so that they can rescue and provide for the needs of unfortunate strays who roam the streets. The cats and dogs under the wing of responsible fur parents live like kings and queens, lucky to never have to be hungry again. These spoiled fur children have no idea that there are others who aren’t as lucky as they are.

Sadly, not all pet owners are true pet parents. There are still cases of abandonment and neglect that have to be addressed. Tut’s story as painful as it is, has to be shared.
Tut is a beautiful pitbull mix that was cruelly abandoned by his former “family” when they were evicted from their Zephyr Hills home in Pasco County Florida. While they could have sent him to the shelter, his previous owners decided to leave him to fend for himself, which is what he did until a goodhearted person decided to feed him.

Luckily, a kindhearted neighbor, Ginger Lucas decided to feed Tut. However, being 83, with osteoporosis and living on a fixed income, she had to find another home for Tut. At that time, she stated that she did not want just any home for him. She wanted him to enjoy country life where there was a big expanse for him to run around in.

Please note that at that point, Tut was still hard to catch. In fact, he would spend his days chasing cars. Perhaps it kept his mind off being abandoned. He would eat but he would not stay for too long and that made it hard for anyone to rescue him.

Finally someone did. Ted Koran of The Critter Place was able to rescue Tut. At present, Tut lives a beautiful life in a sanctuary that houses cats, dogs and even a horse. This large sanctuary allows Tut both freedom and security. If you were to look at the pictures and videos of Tut and his new doggy siblings, you would notice how relaxed and content he is.
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While this story may have a happy ending, please remember that not all stories are like that. There are many cats and dogs in shelters all over the country. Many of them are put to sleep because they have not found loving homes. So if you can, please remember Tut and try to make a difference in the life of a shelter dog or cat.

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